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cryothérapie Vpulse


Cold compression therapy call cryotherapy, consists of applying cold to a specific part of the body  in order to push the cold deep into the injured soft tissue and ligaments. By creating a thermal shock, the vessels will contract and reduce the spread of edema (swelling ) to  reduce pain.


Invented in the 1970 by Japenese, this technique of  applying cold therapy called cryotherapy has multiple benefits. Cryotherapy Technology  is clinically  proven over the past decades, to decrease pain,muscle spasms, and  swelling.

 What does intermittent compression offer?


The compression will mechanically reproduce the natural effect of muscle contractions, This will help reduce inflammation, edema  and also  reduce the risk of venous thrombosis.  Optomizes partient comfort and faster recovery in the comfort of your home .

Easy to use, the Vpulse or Polar Care Wave cryotherapy device will allow you to heal in the comfort of your home.


Limitation of ice and cold packs are ,Uncontrolled tempereature, poor coverage of the injured area and leaking risk of  wound infection.

Heal faster and better with V-Pulse or Polar Care Wave .


Easy to transport, you can have your treatments at home or were ever you want and when ever it is convenient for you.

No need to leave your house to receive your cryotherapy treatments, especially since we strongly suggest performing 3 treatments per day, for maximum results after surgery.


If prescribed by your Doctor , Refundable by most  Insurance compagnies .


For everyone, after surgery or injury



For athletes or sportsmen

More and more athletes are using cryotherapy without necessarily having an injury. After a good training, the body produces toxins which will have to be eliminated. By using cryotherapy, a contraction of the blood vessels will occur and stimulate blood circulation. This will accelerate the drainage of the tissues and therefore the elimination of toxins from the muscles to obtain better oxygenation of these to accelerate recovery.


With better circulation, athletes will recover faster with less muscle soreness, can train more and improve their performance.


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