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Breg Polar Care Kodiak cryotherapy
Kodiak w_ ice.jpg
Breg Polar Care Kodiak Cryotherapy


The Breg Polar Care Kodiak device is one of the first portable cryotherapy (cold therapy) devices to be created and is still highly recommended by several surgeons around the world. Very easy to use, without any button, just plug in the Polar Care Kodiak device to start feeling the benefits of the cold on your joint.


With its compact size, the Breg Polar Care Kodiak is easily transportable, giving you the freedom to treat yourself when and where it suits you best. The Polar Care Kodiak is also the only device to offer the option of battery power in case you don't have access to electricity for a few hours. Simply plug in the battery and you're good to go.


Polar Care Kodiak is designed to reduce pain and inflammation at a very affordable price.

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