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Enjoy the benefits of deep pressure therapy with the Nodpod weighted eye cover (mask). Following the same principle as heavy weighted blankets, it has been proven that by applying light pressure to the body and eyes, a soothing and calming therapeutic effect will be felt. By reducing stress and anxiety, it will promote better, deeper, more restful sleep.

The Nodpod mask is also popular for relieving migraines, headaches, sinus pain and eye strain, once cooled in the freezer.

Do you prefer meditation or yoga? The mask will complete your relaxation session, allowing you to empty yourself completely before returning to your occupations.

Don't leave without it on the go, an essential tool for relaxing and sleeping on plane trips or long car journeys.

  • Patented manufacturing mask filled with non-toxic microbeads distributed in 4 pockets; the Nodpod mask will perfectly fit the shape of your eyes and your face with a slight pressure, a question of completely blocking the light and immersing you in an ideal sleeping environment.

  • Excellent for relieving eye fatigue after a day's work or morning puffiness when chilled in the freezer.

  • Double comfort: 1 side in cotton jersey for a cooling effect and the other side in microfiber for a comforting warmth effect. For a refreshment, simply keep it in the freezer and take it out as needed.

  • Without elastic or velcro to avoid tangling in the hair: the unique insert adjustment system will adjust to the back of your head (flat) for maximum comfort, keeping your mask in place regardless of the position in which you will sleep.

  • Great for sleeping, traveling, meditating, doing yoga and more

  • Machine washable

Nodpod Pink Flamingo The weighted blanket for your eyes

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