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Say goodbye to pain



Cold compression therapy is an application of cold to a specific part of the body (joints) lowering the temperature of inner tissues as well as the epidermis from 35° C to 7 °C. The process creates thermal shock, vessels contract slowing blood flow to the specific area,  reducing edema (swelling), inflammation and pain.


Cryotherapy is a ancian technique of cold therapy. During the past decades, multiple benefits have proven to be beneficial

What does motorized cold compression therapy offer?

The motorized cold therapy system and/or the motorized cold and compression system, can help reduce inflammation, pain, stiffness and swelling leading to a speedy recovery. These cold therapy systems have also been shown to reduce the need for narcotic pain medications that can be addictive. This is an important benefit in the midsts of the rising opioid crisis.


After surgery or injury

Following surgery be it for; Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Ankle, Foot, Elbow or Back, it is crucial to minimize inflammation, unnecessary pain, for a speedy recovery and return to normal activities. 


Upon leaving the operating room, cryotherapy combined with compression, will reduce discomfort  and pain, decreasing the neceessaty for narcotic pain medication.


Cryotherapy will reduce pain, inflammation, swelling and muscle spasms. Adding compression will mechanically reproduce the natural effect of muscle contractions and  greatly reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis.


This is a wonderful compliment to physiotherapy or rehabilitation treatments, resulting in a quicker return to your daily activities.

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